These animated videos were achieved through a long workflow of generating images through MidJourney, and then using DAIN frame interpolation to morph them together into cohesive videos. After the frames are generated in DAIN, I then took them into After Effects for further smoothing and editing. 

I'm very excited by the possibilities that are achievable through AI generation. Training neural networks to produce imagery has the potential to become a completely new and amazing resource for stock imagery and prototyping.
"Tripping on a Black Hole" - while generating variations on this piece, the AI kept placing the astronaut further and further away, which ended up looking very nice when it all got melted together with DAIN.
"Entropy at World's End" - this was my first deep dive into AI frame interpolation. I absolutely love how each variation of the image changes the landscape into this evolution over time.
"Eco-Drip" - this piece reflects the propagation of nature in a fantasy setting. The whole environment is encased in a bubble and then slowly duplicates into a second ecosystem, almost like a flood into a new world.

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