Tasked with creating a new kind of “kit” that could be implemented in a retail store, I immediately wanted to look at a product that becomes more sensory and complementary to activities like listening to music. My idea was to develop an “experience kit” that provides the accessories to a contained atmosphere, rather than a simple-use set of products. The items in the kit are meant to evoke the 80’s in a way that the user can transport themselves into, with the lights and holographic vinyl of the case becoming almost a pocket mirror to another world.
Between the holographic reflection of the vinyl, and the constantly transitioning LED strip, there are hundreds of ways that the visual will change for the viewer.
The only way to construct this kit was to immerse myself in the ephemera that people uniquely consider part of “synthwave” 80’s. This includes the setting sun graphic, rectilinear cars of the 80’s like the DMC DeLorean, and geometric shapes that evoke the sense of futurism the 80’s were trying to push forward. In the booklet that is included with the kit, the user gets not only an artist bio of each featured musician, but they can also scan the artist’s Spotify code to immediately jump into the 80’s immersion. Once the kit is opened and explored, the user is able to immerse themselves in an authentic vibe within minutes. 

One of the primary considerations with this project was developing packaging that also served as an integral part of the experience. While this would inevitably drive up the cost of the kit itself, it helps guard against careless waste. The case itself can be repurposed for anything the user desires, but as it is presented, it functions as a cool light source for parties or private atmosphere.
An example spread of the booklet that comes with the kit. Users can scan the Spotify code to go straight to the artist. Photo courtesy of A38 Ship.

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