A tech company commissioned me to develop a swag box for their new e-bike, called the NRG Mark 1. They let me develop the branding for a new Special Edition of the e-bike, only available for early backers. Taking the original logo (right), I updated the gradient with a lime green, changed it to "dark mode," and added a subtitle below the wordmark.
Letting the swag box have a low profile, the contents include a hat, a shirt, and a promotional letter from the company's leadership. I took the logomark and repeated it several times, making a textile to put on the inside of the box.
The swag apparel emphasizes the Special Edition branding, and conveys a futuristic sense of motion and neon glow. The sleeve logo on the shirt helps modernize the design, as well as provides advertising in a better spot for viewers passing by.
Using a Tron-like motion element on the bike, I emphasized hype for the design, as well as a connection between leadership and the customer.

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