This logo was created for the InfoSec group "rm -rf .*". They do Hacking CTF and InfoSec bug bounties. The client wanted a bear and shield, referencing Russian "bear" hackers. 
This was the client's previous logo.
For the drafting process, I created 8 variations on the "bear" style of logo. Being able to go where I wanted to stylistically, I bounced around from anime style, to more realistic, to cutesy. All of them were created to be emblematic or shield-like in nature.
For color variation, I wanted to stick to the desired red and black. So we looked at three different variations on the red color. After this draft, I got rid of the light stroke lines around the bear's face.
An inverted color variation was also developed for application on black/darker colors.
A range of wallpapers were also produced that tested the logo application on several backgrounds.
These clear acrylic badges reflect the emblem nature of the logo. The group uses these as prizes for their hacking competitions.

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