Cologix is a data center company that is headquartered in downtown Denver. During my time there, I quickly earned more and more responsibilities until the Marketing department let me lead some key branding projects. 
This is one of the most impactful infographics I made for them. It's meant to take some really complex ideas about colocation and boil them down to easy, understandable scenes. The font choices and color palette are in sync with the Cologix brand identity. This infographic successfully targeted key decision-makers at the top of the marketing funnel. 
This published whitepaper breaks down SDI (Software Defined Infrastructure) cloud infrastructure and is targeted at key cloud-computing customers. The infographic on the fourth page has also been published in multiple press releases as a standalone infographic.
These published spec sheets were always a challenge, because we had to fit so much information into such tiny spaces. It was a struggle to balance information with layout and attractive design. In the end, they're satisfying to the types of salespeople and engineers who read them.
When I was tasked with making another SDI (Software Defined Infrastructure) infographic, I needed to make an icon that illustrated what's called the hybrid cloud. The hybrid cloud is a combination of cloud services with corporate servers. After many iterations, I met with the lead SDI Cloud Director to flesh it out further. The finalized icon depicts the combination of services with a positive/negative slash, fusing them together. This icon is also available for free for the greater interconnection community, hosted by the Noun Project.

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