Cologix is a data center company that is headquartered in downtown Denver. I started off as a summer intern there, and I quickly earned more and more responsibilities until the Marketing department offered me work as a contractor for about a year. All work here is copyright Cologix.
This is one of the first infographics I made for them. It's a combination of stock vector and original Illustrator pieces. The font choices and color palette are in sync with their brand identity. This infographic was a big moment that signaled to the team I was ready to take on bigger projects.
This published whitepaper breaks down SDI cloud infrastructure and is targeted at key decision-makers. The infographic on the fourth page has also been published in multiple press releases.
These published spec sheets were always a challenge, because we had to fit so much information into such tiny spaces. It was a struggle to balance information with layout and attractive design. In the end, they're satisfying to the types of salespeople and engineers who read them.
When I was tasked with making another SDI infographic, I needed to make an icon that illustrated what's called the hybrid cloud. The hybrid cloud is a combination of cloud services with corporate servers. After many iterations, I met with the lead SDI Cloud Director to flesh it out further. The finalized icon depicts the combination of services with a positive/negative slash, fusing them together. This icon is also available for free for the greater interconnection community, hosted by the Noun Project.

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